I was having a conversation with a friend this weekend about the Dodgers in the playoffs, and it reminded me of a Homily I heard last year at Mass here in Pasadena right after the Dodgers lost their chances to get to the series.

[Father Tony] talked about his love and devotedness to the Dodgers and how he was so disappointed that they failed to get to the World Series…again!

They worked so hard to get in… then they lost it. “Darn Kershaw!”

Everybody in LA was thinking that way, right?

He continued to say, that “Baseball, like any sport…

I came across an article on the Most Memorable Fads of the Last 10 Years. I don’t know if they were the MOST memorable, but I do remember them. Let’s see if you do:

  1. In 2010 Angry Birds was the mobile game you couldn’t put down and we all spent way too much time playing it.
  2. Planking was probably one of the worst fads to hit 2010 and we all hope it never comes back!
  3. In 2012 Honey Boo Boo and her family took over our tv with their redneck charm and her memorable sayings!
  4. In 2012 Gangnam Style was…

Do you drink beer?

I don’t anymore. But, hey! If I did, today would be the day to drink it.

Why? Because it’s National Drink Beer Day!

Aren’t you glad I told you? :)

According to the Brookston Beer Bulletin, it all started back in 2012. According to their website and Facebook page, they offer no real reason why the holiday exists except — to drink more beer!

Want to know a little more? Here are a half-dozen amazing facts about beer:

  1. After he won the Nobel Prize, Niels Bohr was given a perpetual supply of beer piped into his…

I’m a fan of the show Frasier — you know, the spin-off from the hit show “Cheers”. Although the show ended almost 20 years ago, I watch re-runs just about every night before I turn off the lights and go to sleep.

There’s an episode where Diane Chambers (the bar maid from Cheers) visits Frasier for dinner with his father Martin, Niles, and Daphne where she’s telling a story. It goes like this:

Diane Chambers: So there I was on the balcony of my Malibu beach house when a pod of whales passed by. I knew I had to commune…

About 10 years ago I was standing in the hallway of a hotel in Baltimore with my mentor Bill Glazer. After a long day of learning, we had just had a group dinner with my fellow GKIC Independent Business Advisors, and this was really valuable time alone with my ‘marketing hero.”

As Bill always did when we in person together, he asked me about my son, my health, and how I was doing success-wise. …

Today, let’s take a reality check to determine how clearly you understand what your prospects are thinking each time they listen to your marketing message or look at your advertisement.

For instance: The owner of a local small business takes a leap of faith and contracts to run a weekly ad in the local newspaper with a frequency of once a week for a full year. After five weeks, the results displease him so much that he cancels his contract.

Five ads in five weeks seems like a lot of frequency in marketing. Five exposures do, indeed, establish some momentum…

How often do you send a personal handwritten thank you note to someone?

I was taught at very early on the value and power of sending a personal Thank You note. I first learned about it while I listened to a sales training audio cassette program in my car back around 1990, I think.

In the seminar, I recall the trainer telling this story:

“When I was a young child, my parents occasionally went out with friends for dinner. …

As a Marketing Performance Strategist, I find that one of the biggest secrets to success in any business I come across (as it relates to marketing) is to look at what’s working and do more of it.

Most entrepreneurs are conditioned to do the opposite.

They have some things working well in their business, but then they look at what’s not working well (which ad campaign isn’t working, which media isn’t pulling, which products aren’t selling, etc.) and they waste so much time trying to fix the parts that aren’t working well.

I have found that the real gold lies…

This weekend I was going through some of my old files from way back when and came across this little list of ‘promises’ to myself that I thought you might enjoy.

It’s called Just for Today. I think I got this from legendary sales trainer Tom Hopkins about 20 years ago. After re-reading it myself, it’s as relevant today as it was when I received it.

Just for today…

I will try to live and delight in the reality of being alive. …

If you’ve known me for any period of time, you know that I have long taught that the worst number in business is “One”, relating to the poor decision to rely on any one thing: One key client, one product or service, one marketing method or source of getting new business.

The warning continues. Those who don’t change are doomed to fail hard.

I asked at one of our first GKIC Local Chapter meetings back in January 2008, “What if the government told you that you could not market your business the way you’re currently doing it. …

Craig Valine

Los Angeles Area Marketing Performance Strategist, Investor, Coach | https://tinyurl.com/craigvaline

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