Are You Average, Good, or Great?

A quick quote from University of Alabama Football Head Coach Nick Saban:

“Average players want to be left alone.

Good players want to be coached.

Great players want to be told the truth.”

Same thing can be said about business owners, right? Once in a while I get some feedback that I’m being too straightforward with people in regard to their businesses. The fact is:

  • Some business owners don’t want to hear the truth about the fact that what they’re doing *might* not be the most effective, efficient or profitable way to do things.
  • Some business owners don’t want to hear the truth about HOW they are investing their time & money.
  • Some business owners don’t want to hear the truth about how much more profitable their business can become once they take the blinders off and accept that there are new and better ways to grow.

On the other hand…

There are many people who DO want to hear the straight truth about how they can improve their marketing systems so that they make more money and make a bigger impact, and do it all without sacrificing all of their free time.

These are the fantastic people I love to work with and help.

  • People who are serious about making a difference…not merely “doing the thing.”
  • People who know that money is NOT evil and that making a whole bunch of it, simply allows you to impact more people and live the life you deserve to live.
  • People who know that the very best investment they can ever make in their business… is an investment in themselves — surrounding themselves around other success-minded, ambitious, driven people. Making them the very best versions of themselves that they can be.

If you’re one of those business owners who’s looking to be coached and told the truth about what it takes to reach your goals through your business…

My EMP Advanced Marketing Mastermind helps serious entrepreneurs and professionals create outstanding results in their business and reach goals in the fastest time possible. Watch this brief video to listen to what a few current and former members have to say.

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