If you’re a Seinfeld fan, you may remember the episode where Frank Constanza would say out loud, “Serenity Now” whenever things got stressful. As it turns out, just saying it out loud doesn’t solve anything.

The past week I have been driven CRAZY with the uncertainty of when my son was moving into his new apartment at school in San Diego.

Watch for the crazy here:

First, it was “we’re moving in this Friday.”

Then, it was “Nope. We’re moving in NEXT Friday.

Then, it was “We’re waiting to hear… it might be THIS Monday. We’re not sure.

Then, late afternoon Sunday, it was, “We’re moving in Monday.”

Then, on Monday morning, “Nope. Canceled. We can’t move in today.

Then, at Noon on Monday, “We’re back on! Pack the car quick!

Then, on the way to San Diego on Monday… my son calls us from his car and says, “The key’s not going to be ready.

Mind you… both cars are packed and we’re half-way to San Diego.


There are some personal reasons as to why I was willing to help my son get acclimated and moved in at school at that moment. I was willing to be flexible, but come on! This became absolutely ridiculous!

I don’t know about you, but as an entrepreneur, I can’t work like that. I am militant with my time. I have structure that allows me to get a lot done in a specific amount of time. Without scripting my time and adhering to those rules, I’d be toast.

That’s why I created EMP Alliance. It started out as the local chapter of GKIC back in late 2007. It’s evolved into a great family of local LA area entrepreneurs and service professionals who want more out of their lives (more productivity, more money, more growth, and more freedom), but don’t want to do it all alone.

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