Use AIS to Get Things Done

Craig Valine
2 min readNov 9, 2020


Recently, I was watching a re-run of Everybody Loves Raymond. There was a conversation between Ray and Debra about how he’s always waiting for her to get ready. She responded by saying she doesn’t like being yelled at up the stairs, “Come one. We’re going to be late.”

So, Ray tells her this story about how his Dad used to say, “AIS” to get his sons in the car on time, or else he’d leave with out him. (AIS = Asses in seats.)

I think this is a great philosophy for entrepreneurs. So many people tell me they have problems with time management and productivity and just don’t have the time to get stuff done. But, if you have a philosophy like “AIS”, you WILL get your stuff done — or you will be left behind.

The AIS philosophy says that if you don’t get done on time, there are consequences.

I learned early on by my mentor Dan Kennedy, one of the best ways to get a lot done in your day is to script your day out.

If a project were to say, take a total of 3 hours of your time, then schedule out 1 hour a day for three days to get it done — and stick to that 3 hours. Don’t get distracted by email, your phone, the dishes, your children, other projects, or anything else that typically takes our attention off what’s important.

If you don’t own his book already, I encourage to you to get Dan’s book “No BS Time Management for Entrepreneurs.” Read and re-read it. This book is my go-to guide for getting stuff done.

In fact, when I was President of the California Junior Chamber of Commerce, I gave it to my Chief of Staff to use as a manual on how to protect and manage my time.

“AIS”… it’s a good philosophy. Use it to get stuff done to reach your goals in the fastest time possible and hold yourself accountable. If there are no consequences for not getting stuff done, then you’re really not serious about your goals.

The late Jim Rohn is quoted as saying, “you are the sum total of the five people you hang around most.

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